Poway Days Parade

National Anthem Singers

Congratulations to the winners of the So You Think You Can Sing competition and the singers of the National Anthem for this year’s Poway Days Parade!

Sara Diana Haughelstine

As a Poway Native, singing in hometown events have always been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. Growing up in the “City In The Country” I’ve always had opportunities to follow my dreams, while being supported by the city and people I love. When I’m not singing at events like the Poway Parade, I can be found in the Poway High School choir room practicing songs with the Women’s ensemble choir for our concerts. Another passion I have is my love for Poway High School’s FFA program, working with agriculture and live stock with my friends.


Casey Stevens

Casey Stephens is an 8th grader at Twin Peaks Middle School.

She plays softball, cheer, and loves performing arts.

She also loves to sing in her free time.






Alexavia Zetterberg

Alexavia is 12 years old, she loves to sing, act and spend time with her family and friends in her spare time. She has been singing since she was 4 and started her own Non-profit organization at the age of 5 called “Believe in Miracles Charity” to help families in need at Christmas.